4A Molecular Sieve

Molecular Sieve for Refrigeration
January 26, 2017
4A Molecular Sieve – MS
January 26, 2017

4A Molecular Sieve

This kind of 4A molecular sieve is special produced for package industry, the advantage is high water adsorption in low RH, is used as an adsorbent for gases and liquids. Because of their crystalline composition, it will yield virtually water-free products. These empty adsorption cavities allow selective adsorption. Molecules small enough to pass through the pores are absorbed while larger molecules are not. Molecular sieve can absorb water up to 22% of its own weight. Molecular sieve has a high re-activation temperature and moisture locked is not easily return to the ambiance.
Technical parameter:
Item unit Target
Diameter mm 1.6-2.5
Size ratio up to grade % 98
Bulk density G/ml 0.7
Wear ratio % 0.1
Crushing strength N/p 29
Static moisture adsorption % 22
Moisture adsorption (RH RH20%, 25℃) % 18
Packing water % 1.5
This is the typical parameter of this kind ,different applications require different parameter, please contact detail.

Regeneration :
Insufflate the sieve bed with vapor to exchange the organics out to avoid char formation at first ,then reactivate the molecular sieve with common method. For further detail,To regenerate the sieve you need to remove the adsorbed moisture and other materials. To regenerate 4A Molecular Sieve heat to a temperature of 250ƒ to 450ƒ.

25kg carbon box ; 170KG iron drum.

To avoid damp and pre-adsorption of organic before running ,or must to be reactivated.