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Oxygen Absorber

Corporate Profile

Heng San Multisorb Sdn Bhd aiming at the deficiencies of former deoxidizers, we work out SanDry®, the new generation of deoxidizer, SanDry® has met FDA and passed CNACL (China National Accreditation Committee for Laboratories) certification.
Product performance testing report issued by Union Chemical Laboratories of Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan fully testifies strong and stable deoxidizing performance of SanDry®. It is deeply favored by vast number of users when just being launched into the market. And it gains wide recognition and good fame among domestic and foreign food enterprises.

SANDRY® Product Profile

Great Oxygen Adsorbing Capacity
The hi-tech manufacturing art combines with our patented new polymer material enhanced the oxygen absorbing capacity up to 15 - 20 times higher than general products.

Fast Oxygen Absorbing Speed
SanDry® is capable of deoxidizing the oxygen concentration down to 0.1% of in the sachet within 10 hours and inhibits the propagation and growth of microorganism in a short period of time.
Prolong Packaging Time
The patented manufacturing technique ensures a two-hour slow deoxidizing process after unpacking followed by a large amount of oxygen absorption thus eliminates the uneven deoxidization of the general products. The packing time is thus effectively increased to meet the strictest Q.C. requirements.

Safety in use
SanDry® has been categorized as non-toxic substance by National Health Department due to its no smell and non-toxic ingredients. The packing material complies with food health and material strength standards. The grain-shaped instead of powdered material prevents food contamination by leakage from within the sachet. It’s a absolute safety guarantee. SanDry Oxygen Absorber meets global standard for use in food application.
Meet CNACL - China's National Accreditation Committee for Laboratories Meet FDA - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration Meet EEC - European Economic Community Meet CNS - Chinese National Standard

Strong Adaptability
SanDry® has a combination of special ingredients. The oxygen absorption reaction is independent of the original moisture of the food or moisture from outside thus applicable to different dryness and wetness of food. With its excellent deoxidization property, SanDry® preserves the original flavor of the food while maintaining its water activity.
Property index of SANDRY® Oxygen Absorber
Model type Practical Oxygen Absorption (ml) Equivalent air volume (ml) Numbers of sachet(pieces/box)
N-20H/D 35 ~ 70 1750 ~ 2000 500pcs X 20
N-30H/D 49 ~ 80 2450 ~ 2750 350pcs X 20
N-50H/D 58 ~ 100 2900 ~ 3500 250pcs X 20
N-100H/D 88 ~ 180 4400 ~ 5000 150pcs X 20
Range of Use Deterioration due to the presence of free oxygen
Operating Temperature 2 – 40 ºC
Application Feature Suitable for dry and moist food
Storage Condition Store in a cool, dry, ventilated area. Away from sources of heat or ignition. Isolate fromoxidizing materials. Protect from direct sunlight.
Handling Withdraw quantity needed and keep remaining sachets in air tight container or resealed the master bag.
Shelf Life 1 year from manufactured date
O2 Indicator remained at pink (O2 ≤ 0.1%)
SanDry® preserved product quality by:
  • Prevent mold
  • Pest prevention
  • Antioxidant degradation
  • Prevent discoloration
  • To keep the freshness
  • Prevent rusting
SanDry® offering extensive benefits to both manufacturer and distributor, including:
  • Flexibility in production scheduling.
  • Better inventory management through longer shelf rotation patterns.
  • More affordable transportation options.
  • Ability to broaden product lines.
  • Reduction in product expiration losses due to distribution delays and sales fluctuations.
  • Expansion of geographic territories.
Function comparison of SanDry® and General Commercial Oxygen Absorber
High-efficient deoxidization of SanDry® General commercial deoxidizers
Raw Material The cost of first-grade reduced iron powder is 1.5 timeshigher than that of cast powder. Iron rich and lowimpurity content contribute a stable quality ofSanDry®. Using a patented technique, the oxygenabsorption capacity per iron powder can be controlledwithin 290-295 ml which is the highest value in theory.(1) The low-cost cast powder with its high level ofimpurity and a low content of iron make itunstable in quality. Depending on varioustechnique applied by manufacturers, theabsorption capacity per gram iron powder maybe controlled within a range of 100-200ml.
Packing Time The packing time can be controlled within a period of 0-12 hours with an exactness of 15 min/1 unit byapplying a patented manufacturing process. Thecurrent packing time is fixed at 2 hours. The reasons why general commercialdeoxidizers fail to increase the packing time are:
1. Higher level of impurity contents
2. The chemical reaction time of the deoxidization can not be controlled because lacking of water-carrying material. The low oxygen absorption efficiency and uncontrollable freshness quality tend to affect the Q.C. requirements set forth by manufacturers.
Package Material A four-layered poly film
The first layer: front side -- PET(polished)
Back side—using food-printing ink
The second and fourth layers: PE
The third layer: high class candy paper( food category, neutral in chemical property, and no content of fluorscein)
First layer: using cheaper PET or OPP
The second and fourth layers: using PE
The third layer: using cheap paper material as substitute (generally acid or basic in its chemical property and mostly contains fluorscein)
Safety and Applicability Non-toxic, no smell, a slightly moistened grain-shapedmaterial, causing no food contamination, a combinationof special patented ingredients, oxygen absorptionreaction is independent of the original moisture of thefood thus preserve the fresh flavor of the food. Powdered deoxidizer, possible food contamination from leaking, some deoxidizers depends on the food moisture during oxygen absorption reaction thus affects the water activity and its original flavor of food.
Certification 1. National patent right approved by China Patent Bureau. ZL01130160.0
2. Certified by China National Accreditation Committee of Laboratory.
3. Deoxidization examination report issued by Taiwan Industry Technology Institute
4. Material safety examination report issued by Taiwan Food Industrial Research and Development Institute.
5. The product packing and content, non-metallic materials and non-toxic examination performed by SGS, an international certificate organization, all are complying with the regulations of Department of Health of Taiwan, FDA U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and EEC European Economic Community.
General commercial deoxidizers are not certificated by any organization. Some products labeled as FDA certificated are actually not been approved by FDA. According to FDA, they have never issued approval to any deoxidizer.
1. Different specific gravities and grains of iron powders affect the amount of oxygen absorption. Theoretically, the amount of oxygen absorption is 300 ml per gram of iron powder.
2. Under high temperature condition, the efficiency of deoxidization remains unchanged but the speed of oxygen absorption will be increased.
3. Under low temperature condition, the efficiency of oxygen absorption decreased.

How to choose the right type of SANDRY® Oxygen Absorber

Formula of total oxygen absorption amount of deoxidizer: AT x D x S + R
A = total oxygen absorption amount ( ml )
D = oxygen penetration ratio of sachet material ( ml / m²∙day∙0.1mpa∙25°C )
T = preservation period ( day )
S = surface area of sachet ( m²)
R = oxygen content in the sachet( ml )

A thin film sachet material of a 175g moon cake, specification:_KOPP20μ / cpp40μ poly-film, measured oxygen
penetration ratio: 15ml / m²∙day∙0.1mpa∙25°C∙length 0.16m, width 0.15m x 2 ( double-sides ), required
preservation period :360( day ),
The followings are known according to the formula:
Preservation period T= 360 days,
Oxygen penetration ratio of sachet material D= 15ml / m2∙day∙0.1mpa∙25°C,
Surface area of sachet S= 0.16 x 0.15 x 2,
Oxygen content in the sachet R= 87ml
By replacing with various parameters, we get:
Total oxygen absorption amount AT x D x S + R = 360 x 15 x 0.16 x 0.15 x 2 + 87 = 346ml,
A ≥ 346ml.
According to the data gained by calculation, N-20H should be our favorable choice.

1. The specific gravity of general food is approximately 1, which means the weight of food(g) equals to its volume (ml), and the oxygen concentration of the air is approximately 21%.
2. The oxygen content (ml) in a regular sachet = (volume of sachet – volume of food) x 21%. The oxygen content (ml) in the sachet of the above-mentioned example = (14cm x 12cm x 3.5cm - 175) x 21% = 87(ml).
3. The volume of the irregular sachet and the food can be measured by water-instilling method, the oxygen content (ml) in the sachet = (water capacity (g) of the sachet – volume of food) x 21%.